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Studio Tour

Welcome to the Yvonne Rondinone Studio

Won't you hang up your jacket and stay awhile? It's a cozy space here at the studio but room enough for a chat. You can survey the backyard from the window for our barn cat while I add a few more dabs of paint to the canvas.

Pokey the Studio Assistant

I gaze at mementos and special little treasures that I've collected over the years before I create. Sometimes I'll allow myself to reflect on the memories of loved ones or vacations past when I'm in the process of painting. My day dreams may  very well take my subject into another intruiging direction. Below, is a closeup of a few precious thimbles that my grandmother had given to me. I keep them close by in my studio. I can feel her presence and can just about smell her French perfume when I peek at them. 

Art inspiration

I create a flat lay before I dive into a series. This three dimensional mood board helps me visualize where I want to go with the art. In my new series, I blend my love for the beach with my passion for pastures. 

Flat lay

Yvonne's palette

Art lined up on shelves

Rustic Shores Framed in Reclaimed Wood

And maybe it's time for a break in my cozy corner!

Art studio tour
 NJ Artist Yvonne Rondinone

In the studio, I can relax, dream, create, and express myself. My fresh, soothing palette of teal, cream, and white reflects my mood of hope and a state of tranquility as a new wife and budding small business woman. With every brush stroke, I pray that my art will bring a sense of peace and harmony to others.