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Frequently Asked Questions

What medium does Yvonne use to produce her artwork?

It depends on the particular series. Typically Yvonne uses acrylics and some artist studies are created digitally. She also enjoys the use of oils created exclusively with plant-based ingredients that are earth-friendly!

Do you offer custom orders on print sizes?

No, but those that are offered are popular requests and come in a variety of sizes ranging from 8x8 to 36x36.

I would love an original! How can I purchase one?

Oh but you are an original dear and thanks for asking! Originals are released on average once per quarter. Information for purchase can be found on our website. Works are also available at Angry Fish Gallery in Point Pleasant, NJ.

Why am I always the last one to arrive to the party?

It's called being fashionably late darling. And you know how to make an entrance! Be the first to know about release dates by "getting connected" on Yvonne's subscriberllist at Series announcements will also be made on Instagram @yvonneronart.

Do you accept returns?

We want you to be completely excited about your purchase! That is why we take care and time to portray clear and accurate image photographs and product/shipping descriptions. Before confirming your order, we suggest that you read the product specs and examine the piece on a few different device screens if color variation is your concern. All print and lifestyle product sales (flip flops, pillows, totes, bedding) are final except in specific situations if damage has occurred during shipping. If your artwork has been damaged in the mail please refer to the link "shop policies" in the footer for further details on how to proceed. Art purchased through a gallery is subject to the owner's terms and conditions. 

I'm in love with an original but afraid it might not work in my space. 

Whether this is a first time purchase or you are a seasoned collector, the decision to invest in art can be both financial and emotional. We aim to add harmony to your home! Please email us at if you have further inquiries regarding your purchase. 

Does Yvonne do commissions?

Yvonne is accepting limited commissions at this present time through Angry Fish Gallery. Be sure to add yourself to her subscriber list for further announcements. Upcoming available slots are also announced via Instagram @yvonneronart.

I would like my artwork custom framed. Will you do that for me?

What a professional and artful way to display your piece! Not only will framing give your print or original a polished look, it will help protect it too. For a customized look, contact your local framer. If you need suggestions for a local framer at the Jersey Shore, we can point you in the right direction. We love supporting small businesses ... after all we are one too! If you do not have one available in your area, try selecting an option such as Simply Framed or Framebridge online and they will mail your framed piece to your door. And isn't it nice to get something fun in the mail for once?

Can I pop into the studio and say hi?

Wouldn't that be fun! For now, Yvonne is unable to accept visitors at her current studio location, but if you would like to get an insider view of her studio space, click here.

Will Yvonne be a guest on my podcast?

If by this you mean that Yvonne gets to spend time having an actual conversation about art with humans and take a break from watching paint dry, then most likely yes! Please contact her here or email us at She may even break into song... live and yes she can carry a tune. Buy her latest folk/rock album here.

Mama told me there is no such thing as a free lunch. Is that true?

Yvonne is not so sure about that one, but would like you to let her in on the info if you find out as she is a self-proclaimed foodie. Good news is, Yvonne offers freebies to her subscribers  so get connected! Though they don't come in the form of a ham sandwich; artful checklists, handy printables and old-school paper calendar pages are offered from time to time. Oh, and they are calorie free!

For collaborations, interviews, or media inquiries please email and your request will be responded to within 1-2 business days.

All artwork is a copyright of Yvonne Rondinone. No images are to be used without the consent of Yvonne Rondinone.  No artwork is to be reproduced in any way, unless by the artist. Artwork by Yvonne Rondinone is not to be recreated and sold. Yvonne Rondinone retains the full rights to all artwork, whether sold or commissioned unless the purchaser has paid for copyrights of the image. If unsure of a copyright issue, please use the contact submission form and provide details regarding your inquiry or email us at